carry your life lightly

Carry your life lightly

Beyond any imagined value

But don’t clutch it til your knuckles go white

Hold it gently like the tiny bird’s egg you found

The shell pale-speckled, atom thin 

But full of power and potential

To create the impossible


Carry your life lightly

We all have baggage

Some inherit a load too soon, before we can even see over it

Others collect it gradually, as the Earth repeats its orbit 

Again and again

Around the Sun

You can drag it behind you, complaining

Or find a way to shed some of the weight

You might build the muscles to handle it

Or you might find a suitcase on wheels

It will always be there, but if you let them

Other people will come into your life 

From time to time

And ease the load


Carry your life lightly

Don’t trap it 

Give it space to wobble around a bit

And if it looks like it’s getting a bit too close to the edge

Tip it back again

You’re in control, even if you think you’re not

You are the one carrying it, remember

No-one else


Carry your life lightly

Don’t overcompensate, 

Or turn the wheel too sharply 

But if you keep the handbrake on, you’ll never know

The joy of moving free, countering gravity

No need for fear

Even at speed you can correct a swerve


Carry your life lightly

Let the breeze run through its hair

Allow it to be loved by passers by

Show it off a bit if you want

But let it be a perfect absorber and reflector

And if you drop it

Pick it up 

It will bounce